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¡Recibimos la primera crónica de nuestra corresponsal en el Reino Unido!  Desde Bucknell, Sara Santos nos cuenta sus primeras experiencias británicas.

Sara SantosHello everyone,
This is Sara Santos, I’ve been studying in Helios since I was 5 years old. But this year I have just started the course in an English School, at Bucknell.
Here In UK, you are put  in different levels depending if you were born before September or later and this is a little bit different to Spain where the levels are done in a different way, gathering together the children that were born in the same natural year. As I was born on October Ist I have to study year 9 although my previous qualifications allow me to study year 10. This was a problem in order to recognize my qualifications in Spain and I had to repeat a year.  Luckily  everything was solved and I´m studying in the corresponding year to Spain. The Headmaster was very nice and understanding.
Some of my friends think that staying here is like a punishment but for me it is the opposite. My parents proposed me to study one year in UK and I didn’t think twice. I believe that studying in a boarding school, alone, without my parents, with foreigners from many countries and sharing room with them will be a great experience.
On another occasion I´ll explain to you how living in a boarding school is and how my first days were. Only new students attend these first 3 days and we have the whole for us, we played many games, scavenger hunts, experiences, but I will tell you more about it next time.

See you soon.

Sara Santos



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